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Online | 30.11.2021, 5.00 p.m.
Venue | Online

Dr. Reyhan Şahin aka Lady Bitch Ray reads out of her book Yalla, Feminismus!, that deals with feminism, intersectionality, racism, self-determination, pop and hip hop and empower-ment. Moderated by Yasemin Duru and Lara* Felicitas Huber.

This event takes place in cooperation with the department for queer_feminist politics of the ÖH Akbild.

Please register: https://www.eventbrite.at/e/bow-wow-wo-yippie-yo-yippie-yay-yalla-baby-yalla-sagt-dr-bitch-ray-registrierung-209082711017


Foto © Carlos Fernandez Laser


With this lecture, the Academy concludes the event series 100 Years - She* came to stay. In 1920, 14 women (5%) were admitted for the first time and studied together with 250 male fellow students. Today, there are 66% female students, 60% women on the artistic and academic staff, and 55% women professors*.

However, a critical look at the faculty and students at the Academy makes it clear that there is still work to be done for more diversity of the people who teach and study here- for ex- ample in terms of origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation. Reyhan Şahin has dealt intensively with current mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion at academia and is thematizing it in her books.

Dr. Reyhan Şahin also known under the pseudonym "Lady Bitch Ray", is a linguistic, migration, Islam and racism researcher, educational consultant, (former) rapper, activist, performance artist, fashion designer and book author. She studied General Linguistics, German Studies and Education in Bremen and received her PhD in 2012 with a semiotic thesis on the meaning system of the Muslim headscarf and Islamic feminism in Germany, which was awarded the German Study Prize in 2013. She is currently conducting research on the New Right, right-wing radicalism, racism, Muslimphobia, anti-Semitism, intersectionality, and gender. In 2012 she published the feminist pamphlet Bitchsm (VS-Verlag /Panini Books), in 2019 her intersectional book Yalla, Feminism! (Tropes/Klett Cotta) and in 2020 Lady Bitch Ray on Madonna (Kiepenheuer&Witsch).

Yasemin Duru, (they/she) is a queer nonbinary multicultural interdisciplinary artist, born in 1991 to German and Turkish parents, grew up in Istanbul and Sydney, has been based in Vienna for the past two years. For over a decade, Yasemin has been active in a variety of communities engaging in work covering LGBTQIA+ topics, mental health, environmentalism, spirituality, the generation gap, and more recently migrant topics.

Lara* Felicitas Huber, (they/them/she), studies Design in Context, Art an Education and Performance Art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Since 2020, they have been in charge of the Queer:Feminism unit there and is also the current Vice Chair of the Equal Opportunities Team. In their artistic practice, Larissa uses painting and performance to express their engagement with issues of structural sexism, systemic discrimination, and toxicmasculinity.