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Date | 18.06.2021, 5.00 p.m.
Venue | Online/Zoom

Silvia Federici: Beyond the periphery of the skin (e)

Event within the Frame of 100 years of Admitting Women to Study at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


Invitation to a self-organized space where to learn from each other, to exchange about feminist positions in work, structure and society.

On occasion of 100 Jahre Frauen* an der Akademie: She* came to stay a series of interdisciplinary feminist lectures called f*lit will be held in summersemester 2021. Sessions will be held in german/ english. We will read:out to each other and for one self, we will exchange, discuss, repeat words that suit us and contradict where we do not agree.

Talks about visibility, working conditions, marginalization, possibilities, fights, efforts and interest are talks about education, too. Within the institution of the Academy we as students union want to take the chance to position and take space to network.

We read and educate and we don´t wait, because we are here.


Every session from 17-19 h

19.03. Reyhan Sahin aka. Dr. Bitch Ray - Yalla, Feminismus! (d)

23.04. Virgina Woolf - Zimmer für sich allein (d)

21.05. Pauline Hermange: I hate men (e)

18.06. Silvia Federici: Beyond the periphery of the skin (e)

Please register: oehqueerfem@akbild.ac.at
Place and further information will be send out after registration.