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The tasks of the Registrar's Office include all matters ranging from student admission to graduation.

Scope of activity

  • Information on current courses, admission requirements, tuition fees
  • Initial admission and continuation of studies
  • Exam administration (course exams, acknowledgment of exams)
  • Verification of students' eligibility to take any final exam (issue of certificates required)
  • Processing applications for the Work, Merit and Advancement Scholarship

Head of the Department

P +43(1)58816-1900
F +43(1)58816-1999

Members of staff

Acknowledgement of exams, confirmations required for exchange programs
P +43(1)58816-1905
F +43(1)58816-1999
Work, merit and advancement scholarships, acceptance of exam records
P +43(1)58816-1903
F +43(1)58816-1999
Acknowledgement of exams
Doctorate studies
P +43(1)58816-1906
Acknowledgement of exams
P +43(1)58816-1904
F +43(1)58816-1999