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Conflict of Interest and Sexual Conduct among Members of the University Community1

§ 1 In contrast with sexually harassing conduct, sexual activity among consenting adults within the University Community is, in general, a private matter beyond the legitimate interests of the University. There are occasions, however, when the interests of the University may be seriously implicated in these relationships, particularly where the University relies on members of the community to make judgments about others. If two people are in a sexual relationship and in a student/academic staff member or supervisee/supervisor relationship, then they must take steps to ensure that the conflict of interest created by such a situation is removed.

§ 2 The academic staff member or supervisor should disclose the conflict of interest to their own supervisor - usually the Unit Head - and should ensure that they never evaluate alone the work performance of their current or former sexual or romantic partners. When an academic staff member or supervisor discloses a conflict of interest, she or he is required to supply only as much information as is necessary to enable their supervisor to make appropriate decisions. It need only establish that a personal relationship exists, and that it thereby gives rise to a conflict of interest.

The discussion is confidential, and will not be relayed to other members of the University Community except as may be required for decision-making in order to prevent conflict of interest. Ways to eliminate conflicts of interest may include, but are not limited to transfer of supervisory, decisionmaking, oversight, evaluative, or advisory responsibilities to another member of the University Community or team of University Community members; or providing an additional layer of oversight to the supervisory role.

§ 3 If staff members fail to take such steps and a conflict of interest is created, this will be a violation of the present Policy and can have serious consequences.

§ 4 This policy will enter into force on 12th of July 2019

The rectorate:
Mag. Eva Blimlinger
Mag. Dr. Andrea B. Braidt MLitt
Dr. Karin Riegler

1 https://documents.ceu.edu/documents/p-1402-1, last visit 6.6.2019