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Austrian universities are legally required to undergo an audit every seven years. The Academy has contracted the evaluation agency evalag to conduct the audit. The conclusion auf the auditing process is scheduled for September 2021.

In an audit, the Academy’s internal quality management system is assessed and certified by external auditors. The Academy draws up a self-evaluation report which is then forwarded to the auditors. This is followed by a two-to-three-day on-site visit which includes exploratory conversations with relevant actors from the Academy. The self-evaluation report and the outcome of the conversations provide the basis for the audit report.

The goal is to ascertain if and what quality-assurance and quality-development measures are in place at an institution. The guiding question is: Are strategies and structures as well as the various processes and tools properly suited to achieve the self-defined goals, and are they well-attuned to one another?

The following areas will be reviewed:

  • Strategy and steering
  • Studies, learning and teaching
  • Research, development or advancement and appreciation of the arts
  • Organization and administration and Human Resources (cross-sectional issue)
  • Internationalization (cross-sectional issue)
  • Societal objectives (cross-sectional issue)
  • Information systems and involvement of interest groups

Not least, the Academy wants to take the audit as an opportunity to further develop, in a participative manner, the different processes of strategy development und self-understanding as well as quality-development measures and instruments that are deployed in our work (in art, research, teaching, and administration).

For further information on the audit see the download menu.