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Monitoring of the admission procedures

The Academy has put in place a monitoring process to periodically review and analyze its admission procedures with a focus on issues of diversity. Using various applicant data, it is examined what the chances of specific groups of applicants (viewed e.g., by gender, background, social class and their intersectionalities) are throughout the different stages of admission procedures. In order to meet the standard of a multidimensional, intersectional concept of social positioning, or diversity, specific indicators were developed for the monitoring.

The goal of the monitoring is to ascertain, and continue to promote, crucial objectives of the Academy, such as equality of opportunity in education, equality of treatment and anti-discrimination. This is to support a differentiated awareness and discussion process with respect to admission procedures and selection criteria at the Academy. It is also about directing attention to structural areas of university activity, to sensitize to forms of privilege and disadvantage of different social groups at art universities and to develop the most socially inclusive admission processes possible at the Academy. The monitoring also provides information about the effectiveness of initiatives and interventions (e.g. programs like Akademie geht in die Schule)

The monitoring report is drawn up annually for all types of admission procedures at the Academy based on comparative data from previous years.