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Stepping into the Academic World. A Critical Introduction into the “System” of Academic Research

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Augasse 2–6
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1090 Wien
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Dieser englischsprachige Workshop befasst sich mit Fragen zum Einstieg in den Forschungsbereich und / oder einer wissenschaftlichen Karriere.

The workshop addresses questions concerning the entry of the field of research and/or an academic career. It relates to the request of PhD-candidates to get a critical introduction into the „system“ of academic research.

The following topics will be addressed and discussed:

  • What is the system? What is a PhD today? What does it mean within the university tradition and in new or neighbouring fields?
  • Motivations and expectations. Why do I do a PhD? Why would I want an academic “career” and what does this mean in the first place? Who are my desired and real, present and future interlocutors? How do I get in touch with them? Networks, disciplinary societies, differences between the academic and the art world.
  • How to stay on the ball. PhD writing and research between individual passion and necessities, time-management and time-scarcity.
  • Publication strategies. How to do monographs, journal articles, editing of a book, different expectations in different academic fields. How does peer-review work? How to deal with critique?
  • Do it yourself! How to gain autonomy, build networks and challenge the “system”.
    Practical exercises towards autonomy: How to gain a sense of orientation in the field, how to build your own peer-network. Development and discussion of possible strategies of adaption and dissidence with regards to the “system” …

Inputs, practical exercises, open forum for addressing precarious questions

Workshop Trainers
FH Prof. in Mag. a Dr. in Michaela Moser is Senior Researcher at the Ilse Arlt Institut of Social Inclusion Research at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and a social activist in the field of fighting poverty, inequalities and exclusion. She has been teaching at universities and in adult education. Research focus: Poverty and Exclusion, Feminist Ethics, Participation and new forms of governance.

Karin Harrasser: Professor for Cultural Theory (Kulturwissenschaft) at the Kunstuniversität Linz. She studied German Literature and History at the University of Vienna and has been teaching both at Universities and in Art Schools. Research focus: Cultural theory and methods of Cultural Studies, Popular Culture (Science Fiction, Zombies), Science and Technology Studies, theories of subjects and objects.

The workshop will be held in English.

Registration / Conditions of Participation

  • The workshop is open to regular doctoral students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
  • For a participation in the workshop, please register with until November 27 th , 2018 and attach a scan of your current “Studienblatt” (i.e. certification of enrollment) and of the signed dissertation/PhD agreement.
  • The workshop is limited to 15 participants (first come, first serve).
  • Please bring a synopsis of your PhD of one page to the workshop with you, it will be used as workshop material.

Please direct your questions to the Center of Doctoral Studies, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
01 / 588 16 – 1115

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