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Creative Analytic Writing

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Das Schreiben eines wissenschaftlichen Artikels oder einer Doktorarbeit muss nicht schwierig oder anstrengend sein, sondern kann auch ein spannender und erfüllender Prozess sein! In diesem englischsprachigen Workshop konzentrieren wir uns darauf, die Neugierde auf unsere eigenen Forschungsprojekte und das Schreiben zu wecken.
Mehr Informationen zu diesem Workshop in Englisch.

Description of the Workshop
Writing an academic article or a doctoral thesis does not have to be difficult or grueling, but can also be an exciting and fulfilling process! In this workshop, we focus on cultivating open-hearted curiosity towards our own research projects and writing. The course offers tools to enhance one’s own writing style, clarify the main argument and goals of research, find diverse ways to engage with research literature and use references in purposeful ways. We work with mindfulness practice and self-reflection to tap into one’s own drive and motivation, build a sense of self-confidence and cultivate experiences of flow. The workshop is based on the premise that writing can only be done in the present moment, not yesterday or tomorrow and thus befriending the present moment is imperative for allowing writing and innovative ideas to emerge. The workshop exercises are based on postmodern qualitative inquiry, positive psychology and mindful self-compassion (MSC). During the course the participants work with their own texts and research projects as well as in small group discussion.

Creative analytic writing exercises, mindful self-reflection, small group exercises and discussion.

Workshop Trainer
Adjunct Prof. Elina Penttinen is a University Lecturer, Director of Gender Studies Master’s program and project leader of Incorporating vulnerability, a multidisciplinary research project on experience of violence and healing at the University of Helsinki. Her expertise is in feminist methodologies, research ethics and writing especially with regard to research on gender, vulnerable groups and precarious conditions. She has published widely on gender and mobility, experiences of war and violence, international crisis management and global political economy. She is the author four books; Emotional Workplace Abuse: a new research approach (Palgrave McMillan), Gender and Mobility: a critical introduction (Rowman & Littlefield), Joy and International Relations: a new methodology (Routledge) and Globalization, prostitution and sex-trafficking: a corporeal politics (Routledge). Her current research interests are in the areas of emotional abuse in intimate relationships and at the workplace. She is mindful self-compassion (MSC) teacher in training.

Language | The workshop will be held in English.

Registration / Conditions of Participation

  • The workshop is open to regular doctoral students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
  • For a participation in the workshop, please register with until December 18 th , 2019 and attach a scan of your current “Studienblatt” (i.e. certification of enrollment) and of the signed dissertation/PhD agreement.
  • The workshop is limited to 15 participants (first come, first serve).
  • Please bring either an article draft or chapter of the doctoral thesis that is at least a second draft or ‘almost finished.’ In addition, select a scientific article (or book chapter) that is both relevant to one’s own research project and which has induced an experience of joy and excitement. Take this article with you either in print or in digital form, depending your own working style.
  • Please respond to pre-workshop questionnaire at least one week before the workshop. Responding to the questionnaire allows the teacher to design the course so that it serves each participant in beneficial ways. The questionnaire will be distributed to the participants in December.