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A presentation by Flaka Haliti

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Under the title "Fantastic Wednesday" on Wednesdays of the once-monthly seminar weeks, the PhD in Practice opens its doors to the Academy, friends, and other interested people. Program participants (individually or collaboratively) present their work in progress and experiment with different formats of presentation. Come and join!

"The images can be read as a site of power production; they divulge the source of power and its use both in discursive and material constructions of femininity/masculinity and democratic and undemocratic subjectivity. And it is in this medium of political marketing where agonies, implicit ordering, and "othering" take place."(1)

"The Aesthetics of Constructed Identities: Imagining the future" trying to produce a body of work that aim to open up an aesthetical and political space, in which critical questions about the problem of the transnational/national politics of representation in Kosovo are raised in order to end the culture of suspense.

Research attempts to analyze and create a new artistic contemporary reading of politics of representation used by international missions like UN/UNMIK (United Nation/United Interim Mission in Kosovo), EULEX (The European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo), KFOR (The NATO-led Kosovo Force), and other major international NGOs which have been playing important role in post war reconstruction mission in countries of Eastern Europe with a special focus in Kosovo. Within methodological analysis that would question the relationship between aesthetics and politics, the level of the sensible delimitation of what is common to the community, the forms of its visibility and of its organization. (2)

1 Jean-Louis quoted after Krasniqi In: Krasniqi, Vjollca: Imagery, gender, and power. The politics of representation in Post-War Kosovo, In: Gender Check: A Reader. Art and Theory in Eastern Europe, Köln, 2010, P. 258-259.
2 Rancière, Jacques: The Politics of aesthetics, 2006, P.13.

Flaka Haliti (*1982 in Prishtina) lives and works in Munich, Prishtina and Vienna. Graduated in 2006 from Faculty of Arts, Prishtina University. Between 2008 - 2013 continued her education at Städelschule Frankfurt am Main. Since 2013 she is participant at PhD in Practice program at Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In her doctoral thesis "The Aesthetics of Constructed Identities: Imagining the future" Flaka Haliti analyzes the politics of representation used by international missions in Kosovo. Her project makes use of an inter-disciplinary methodology, and differentiates from discourse analysis by employing artistic means such as photography, installation and video as well. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions,. Resent projects include solo shows I see a face. Do you see a face. in MUMOK-Museum of Modern Art, Vienna and Las time when I googled you, you looked different Kosovo National Gallery, Prishtina. She is a winner of Henkel Art. Award' 2013, granted in cooperation with Museum of Modern Art in Vienna - mumok and KulturKontakt Austria. Winner of 'Muslim Mulliqi X' 2014, organized by the National Gallery of Kosovo. Winner of on 54th October Salon 2013, Belgrade. First Prize of 'Agriculture and Banking' 2009, organized by Städelschule and Rentenbank.