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Guest lectures by Matilda Odobashi and Giorgia Conceição (aka Miss G)

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Guest lectures organized by Marina Grzinic, Post Conceptual Study Program.

Matilda Odobashis work is a reflection upon the interpersonal relations and issues of coexistence between people living and sharing common spaces. It expresses as well a critical view upon the common senses and what is perceived as “normal” in a society when it comes to relationships, concepts of love and hate, good and bad etc. Even though her main medium are drawing and installation, she works as well with painting, photography and other new media.

CV: Matilda Odobashi, born in 1988, Tirana, Albania. Lives and works in Tirana. She graduated from the University of Arts in Tirana in 2010. Has worked as adjunct professor at the University of Arts for 4 years and has collaborated with different cultural and human rights organizations while at the moment is the coordinator of  Zeta Art Center/ Gallery in Tirana.

Giorgia Conceição (aka Miss G), 2016

Giorgia Conceição (aka Miss G) developed the concept of “burla”, a Latin word extracted from the frame of the burlesque genre (the substantive burla generates the adjective burlesque). Burla presents itself as a strategy for the creation of the body which wants to heal from its scars, some of which are gender related, as well as those deriving from colonialism and stereotyping, giving visibility to powers and characteristics prevented from developing within the discourses of colonial and rationalist tradition.

Her art is about blurring the limits between contemporary live art and burlesque performance.

CV: Giorgia Conceição (aka Miss G) born in 1981 in Curitiba, Brazil. She holds a MA in performing arts from the Federal University of Bahia, Salvador, Brazil. She received three times grants from the Rumos Itaú Cultural Program (2010, 2012 and 2014), an international program for developing arts in São Paulo, Brazil.