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Presentation by tatiana nascimento (Brazil)

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Spoken word performance: Ilú, a trovão dentro / Ilú, die Sturm innen organized by Marina Grzinic, Post Conceptual Study Program. tatiana nascimento is poet, slammer, translator, film-maker and publisher. Talk after the presentation moderated by Marissa Lobo.

tatiana nascimento spoken word performances, poetic soundtracks and video-poems assume an aesthetics of screaming silence in which words, gestures and pauses merge to enlace and project tatiana nascimento’s own voice and expression as a turning point against the racist and homophobic historical silencing while avoiding victimization rhetoric. tatiana nascimento written poetry geometrically occupies the paper, leading to a verticalized visual word-playing where meanings and phonemes break to make and unmake sense. She establishes a dialogue with the diasporic fractures caused by the colonial kidnapping and exploitation of Black people in order to de-constructs / re-construct and remake narratives diffused within Afro-American context. This process of remembering, reinventing and recollecting also flows with rebuilding Oyá tales (that is Orishá of thunders and storms) that is  a main work theme to tatiana nascimento, based on a cuíer/queer perspective rooted on her own experiences of blackness, fatness, sex(uality), trance.

CV: tatiana nascimento is founder of Padê Editorial, a publishing house for handmade books by Black authors, and also lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans* people, allies, two-spirited, brave hearts authors. Padê Editorial released in March 2016 its first poetry books: "{Penetra-fresta}", from Barbara Esmenia (that is a Padê's co-founder) and "lundu," by tatiana nascimento. tatiana and Esmenia are working on three other upcoming poetry books – including a multilingual anthology of black poetelling in the Diaspora. In Brazil, tatiana nascimento runs two poetry slams: slam das minas , Brazilian first lesbian-and-women-only slam; and slam a coisa tá preta , first to black people only. In  Vienna, she started, with Njideka Stephanie Iroh, sistah* slam , first poetry slam to black women/lesbian and lesbian/women of color in Vienna. She also sings and speaks poems with the musical group água , and is an activist doing workshops and lectures about self-care, community criticism and healing, creative and/or academic writing, and how to recognize and fight violence against lesbians.

Performance sound scenarios by Luiza Schulz.

Presentation done in the context of and in collaboration with Njideka Stephanie Iroh and Marissa Lobo project "Bodies of Knowledge" – Multiplying Marginalized Subjectivities of Utopia through Art and Storytelling. Sponsored by SHIFT 2015.