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MEET THE - animation avantgarde - ARTISTS

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Meeting of four artists of this years' international ANIMATION AVANTGARDE competition programme at VIS - Vienna Independent Shorts Filmfestival. They talk about their films in competition, answer questions, and show excerpts of their work. Organized by the workshop of Artistic Animated Film.


11:00h Sasha Svirsky (RU) - Tanzonk
11:30h Judith Poirier (CAN) - Setting West
12:30h Hanna Arvela (FIN) - First Person Shooter
13:00h Faiyaz Jafri (HK) - This ain't Disneyland

Q&A by Wiktoria Pelzer and Thomas Renoldner

A collaboration of VIS and Academy of Fine Arts.
(ANIMATION AVANTGARDE is a collaboration of ASIFA Austria and VIS)

This ain't Disneyland - Faiyaz Jafri (HK) 2015
European premiere, 06 min 25 sec
By juxtaposing images of the New York Twin Towers’ destruction with pictures of Bambi and Micky-Mouse ears, his favourite (anti) Disney motives, Faiyaz Jafri allows himself a disturbing provocation in the spirit of his programmatic “hyper unrealism”. The line This Ain’t Disneyland is a quote from a policeman in a 9/11 documentary, the Disney-critical lyrics of the song heard at the beginning and end are by Jafri’s son.
Screenplay, Production, Editing, Camera, Sound, Animation: Faiyaz Jafri

Faiyaz Jafri (HK) - This ain't Disneyland

First Person Shooter - Hanna Arvela (FI) 2015
World premiere, 07 min 07 sec
Two men marred by civilisation spend an evening playing computer games. Connected through a network they move their avatars through “untouched” hills and woods and trawl through remote settlements. Alongside nature sounds and the sporty avatars’ panting we can follow the carefree dialogue of the players, which couldn’t be more revealing. An amusing insight into the intellectual world of mildly brainsick machos.
Screenplay, Production, Editing: Hanna Arvela
Camera: Antti Loponen, Cast: Samuli Sarén, Antti Loponen

Hanna Arvela (FIN) - First Person Shooter

Setting West - Judith Poirier (CAN) 2015
Austrian premiere, 05 min 25 sec
For her “abstract western“ Judith Poirier used historic American and Canadian printer presses from the late 19th and early 20th centuries to print classic “Cowboy & Indians” images directly onto a 35 mm glass film. This direct method results in particularly eye-catching structures and intensive contrasts – and also an experimental sound, as the soundtrack was also imprinted.
Production, Editing, Sound, Animation: Judith Poirier

Judith Poirier (CAN) - Setting West

Tanzonk - Sasha Svirsky (RU) 2015
Austrian premiere, 9 min 20 sec
Sascha Svirsky draws on big topics, which he breaks ironically with a twinkle in his eye. Beginning with the topic of war, in this case the war between a human being and a machine, he moves on to love, represented by the intolerable, intimate relationship between a human and a robot. Stylistically he also resorts to classic role models from the rich history of graphic art and music, which he modernises in digital animations.
Screenplay, Editing, Animation: Sasha Svirsky
Production: Nadezhda Svirskaia, Sound: Alexey Zelensky

Sasha Svirsky (RU) - Tanzonk