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One day exhibition and talk on Resistance and Black Bodies

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At 19.30 exhibition of Annie Gonzaga Lorde’ watercolors of Resistance and Black bodies Subjectivities by the artist from Bahia/ Brazil

At 20.30 talk on Diaspora Encounters " We are many and many more" with Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur, Annie Gonzaga Lorde, Tatiana Nascimento, Mãe Beth de Oxum, Marissa Lôbo and Njideka Stephanie Iroh

The talk derives from the complexities and contradictions of radical diasporan political subjectivities. It aims to explore how the realities of our "global" existences multiple spaces, contexts and struggles have shaped and continue to shape our liberatory imaginations.

Key Speakers: Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur, Mãe Beth de Oxum and Annie Gonzaga Lorde

CV Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur is an activist, theoretical-cultural, and community worker, organizer and co-founder of Pamoja, The Movement of the Young African Diaspora, and of the Research Group on Black Austrian History and Presence. She is currently working on her dissertation on Resistances in the African Diaspora in Austria at the historically Black Howard University in Washington DC.

CV Annie Gonzaga Lorde is activist, Black lesbian, Antiracist and decolonial grafittist, watercolorist and speaker.

CV Mãe Beth de Oxum is Brazilian percussionist who founded Ilê Axé Oxum Karê (Afro-Brazilian worship center) in the Guadalupe neighborhood in the city of Olinda in Pernambuco.The center is structured around "brincadeiras de coco" (local music rhythms) and promotes local festivals called sambadas every Saturday. Among the activities carried out there, one can mention the percussion workshops, technological appropriation from the recycling of computers, development of network communication tools, applications and gadgets for multimedia production. Ancient and contemporary knowledge blend into the space consisting of the exchange generated by visitors.

CV Marissa Lôbo , artist, activist  and writer based in Vienna.

CV tatiana nascimento is poet, slammer, translator, film-maker and publisher.

CV Njideka Stephanie Iroh utilizes poetry and spoken word to form a point of departure for multilingual, cross-genre storytelling.

This event takes place in the context of and in collaboration with Njideka Stephanie Iroh and Marissa Lobo’s project Bodies of Knowledge – Multiplying Marginalised Subjectivities of Utopia through Art and Storytelling. Sponsored by SHIFT 2015.