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La Cueva

Bildende Kunst
Ort, Treffpunkt (1)
Ort, Adresse (1)
Lehárgasse 8
Ort, PLZ und/oder Ort (1)
1060 Wien
Ort, Raum (1)

Im Rahmen von Chambre d'amis, Raum für aktuelle Kunst (Fachbereich Video- und Videoinstallation) und Soundlabor.

Live ab 20.00 Uhr

Fabian Lanzmaier (AT).

In his solo work Lanzmaier is interested in creating imaginary synthetic landscapes. He strives to merge the experience of the natural and the artificial, to confront the listener with ideas of fluid and ambiguous environments. Through the use of digital synthesis he is constructing sound objects that appear to exist hauntingly physical.The ambience of rave is bended and twisted to a more distorted and fractured appearance. The sound design is based on physical modelling synthesis forming sounds of different size, scale, form and origin. Inspired by science fiction novels, techno music, the harsh intensity of noise and ambient music, the experimentation with song structures and a narrative approach guides the compositions.

Rosa Anschütz (DE).

Rosa Anschütz is composing sound structures made of guitar, bass, modular synths and drum machine .
The voice is the most striking element in the compositions, sometimes the leading instrument.
Friday she will bring some of the modules and improvise with her voice.

Roy Culbertson (US).

"The Metal Mang Orkaestra consists of sound sculptures made by R.F. Culbertson III: Piggy, Hello Kitty Tabernacle, Requiem Shark, Gül, Piglet, and a Donnerblech. These sculptures are brought to sing by means of sticks, mallets, bows and the like. The concert in La Cueva will also include percussive elements: a Mongo, a Trongo, a frame drum and a rattle. There could also be some wind instruments. One never knows.”