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Event with Djamila Ribeiro (São Paulo) and Maiz (Linz)

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Event organized by Conceptual Art (Post-conceptual Art Practices) and Contextual Painting, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien in collaboration with and for maiz/autonomes zentrum von & für migrantinnen/ Linz.


At 18:00 opening with songs and poems of diaspora and migrations

At 18:30 Keynote by Djamila Ribeiro (São Paulo )

Upon the invitation of maiz, Djamila Ribeiro will talk on black feminism in Brazil and wider

Language Portuguese, translation in German and English

CV: Djamila Ribeiro is a Brazilian feminist and academic. She was born in Santos and soon had contact with the political militancy through her father, who despite a few years of study, maintained a library in the house. With 19 she began her work at the House of Black Women Culture. She holds a degree in Philosophy from UNIFESP, where she also defended a Master’s thesis in Political Philosophy regarding political action in both Simone de Beauvoir and Judith Butler. In 2016 she has been nominated assistant secretary for the Citizenship and Human Rights dept. of the city of São Paulo. She is currently directing the Interview program for Canal Futura. In her own words: “My struggle is for us, Black Women, to be considered as no just implicated  subjects, but real protagonists, who are no longer dispossessed of their own  humanity.” Djamila Ribeiro wrote the preface to the book “Women, Race and Class” by the black and feminist philosopher Angela Davis, that was translated in Portuguese and published in September 2015.

At 20:00 OPEN MIC under the umbrella “maiz we love you, we will not leave you!”

Link in German about the current situation of maiz ( )

Open to general public. Food and drinks will be organized by soligroup in support of maiz and as well we will have dj lines for up solidarity!