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Architecture and the Ongoing Authority of the Sketch

Kunst und Architektur
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Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Wien
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Lecture by Peter Wilson, BOLLES+WILSON

As design tool and as quick and adaptable presentation media the sketch has been prioritised by the Münster based office of BOLLES+WILSON. In the age of rendering overkill this archaic architectural technology still serves as purveyor of atmosphere and signature of the author. Projects in Germany prioritising exactitude will be contrasted with the loose fit of working in contexts like Albania.

Bolles+Wilson is an architecture firm established by Julia Bolles and Peter Wilson, both Architectural Association (AA) graduates. Established in London, the firm moved to Münster after winning the design competition for the Münster City Library. Other major works include the Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam (2001) and the Helmond City Library (2010).