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IKA Hitze Lectures

Kunst und Architektur
Online via Zoom

Lecture by Claudia Bosse, Choreographer and director, theatercombinat, Vienna, H EAT and ORGAN reading – an assemblage of texts, thoughts and acts.

The lecture series is organised and curated by Hannes Stiefel.

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All lectures start at 7pm and will be held online. To receive access to the online event, please see the Zoom-link above or visit or contact us at .

HEAT and ORGAN reading an assemblage of texts, thoughts and acts


In the brain is the hypothalamus, the "heat regulation centre", which ensures a constant temperature in the brain, heart, kidneys and liver. By increasing the temperature, the body eliminates invaders, because viruses, bacteria and others are adapted to the normal body temperature and are damaged at higher temperatures.

36.5°C - 37.4°C: Normal temperature
37.5°C - 38.0°C: Subfebrile temperature
38.1°C - 38.5°C: Slight fever
38.6°C - 39.0°C: Moderate fever
39.1°C - 39.9°C: High fever
40.0°C - 42.0°C: Very high fever

we eat light
we are light eaters
as the sun's energy becomes a plant or meat or a threat
not linear but cyclical processes
circular ecologies
so we are always part of something else with others
we absorb
what others emit and vice versa.


the etruscans read the future from lightning, the flight of birds, the grazing of a killed animal
the liver gave information about the state of the world
the position and colour of the entrails of an open body
makes visible the present and future environment
a ritual connected the stars with the organ of the oracle
the breath is the smoke that rises from the liver
the babylonians made a collection of omens in which they noted
how to read a liver. omens as signs
which mean something and have a meaning.
their agriculture was determined by reading the moon,
which is only visible when the light of the sun hits it.
the etruscans in turn made clay and bronze models of the liver
to train the interpreters of the liver
with maps of their cosmology scratched onto a model organ

“As humans reshape the landscape, we forget what was there before.”
H. Swanson, A. Tsing, N. Bubandt, E. Gan, Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet


Claudia Bosse lives in Vienna and Berlin, is a director, choreographer, artist and director of theatercombinat. Her works deal with forms of violence, history and concrete utopias. As the “art of a temporary community”, she understands her spatial choreographies, in which she interweaves myths, rituals, texts and documents with bodies, language, objects and choirs to create space-specific pieces. Within and outside Europe, in museums, architecture, theatres and urban spaces, she develops works and interventions. She teaches, publishes and participates in research projects. Since 2011, installation works have also been created that deal with archives and museum collections. Claudia Bosse recently showed her first solo ORACLE and SACRIFICE 1 oder die evakuierung der gegenwart at Tanzquartier Wien and in Düsseldorf and the last IDEAL PARADISE in Jakarta, which was previously shown at the Deutsche Tanzplattform 2018 in Essen.



HITZE [heat] as a property of bodies, spaces and regions has shaped and continues to shape our thinking about architecture and cities. The lecture series, part of IKA’s 2019/2020 special programme HITZE TAKES COMMAND, examines the spatial culture of temperature, and its broader social and political implications, through the eyes of a number of contemporary thinkers. The historians, artists, scientists and architects assembled in this lecture series will explore the topic of HITZE in dimensions ranging from the soup pot to the troposphere.

Who can think of the future today without consideration of HITZE? Every exceptionally warm day is imagined as portending future disaster, while a sudden cold day provides hope that the ravages of climate change might be mitigated. Our experience of HITZE is overburdened with dread and yet, HITZE is also a form of pleasure – integral to sensations of taste, comfort and sexuality. We hope to discover and understand more about the realm of HITZE in explorations of fields that will shape the future of architecture and urbanism.

The lecture series is organised and curated by Hannes Stiefel.

12 May 2021

Brian Cody
Head of the Institute of Buildings and Energy, Graz University of Technology
Form follows Energy

19 May 2021

Claudia Bosse
Choreographer and Director, theatercombinat, Vienna
HEAT and ORGAN reading – an assemblage of texts, thoughts and acts

27 May 2021

Peter Sellars
Distinguished Professor, UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance
The Architecture of Injustice, and the Architecture of Justice

The HITZE TAKES COMMAND project 2019/2020 is generously supported by IMMOBILIEN PRIVATSTIFTUNG.