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Document Missing: Performance no. 4 (The Interrogation)

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A Presentation by Hristina Ivanoska.

Under the title Fantastic Wednesday the PhD in Practice opens its doors to the Academy, friends, and other interested people. Program participants present their work in progress and experiment with different formats of presentation.

This is the forth in the series of performances that Hristina Ivanoska is conceptualizing, writing and executing as part of her PhD artistic research titled Document Missing: The intricate sense of truth in oral histories .

Her research interest and artistic practice are entangled around the issues of suppression, control and construction of collective memory in regard to women’ resistance strategies and politics. As the only protagonist in her performances Hristina Ivanoska becomes a flexible and porous entity, a medium through which different identities can be brought back to life. Through her texts and actions she creates situations that ‘ were and were not’ and are based on documents and oral interpretations that are fluctuating through time and space.

Reduced on personal level that starts with the question “Who am I?”, Ivanoska found her counterpart in the character of Rosa Plaveva, a revolutionary woman from the turn of the 20 th century that was forgotten in the archives of the past. Document Missing: Performance no. 4 (The Interrogation) is a phantasmagoric interpretation of a supposed interrogation of Rosa Plaveva that took place probably in year 1951.