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Janine Jembere | In the Breaks.*

Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaften
Ort, Adresse (1)
Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Wien
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DG 12

Under the title Fantastic Wednesday the PhD in Practice opens its doors to the Academy, friends, and other interested people. Program participants present their work in progress and experiment with different formats of presentation.

In dialogue through records of heroines, one hit wonders and music business saboteurs we'll tune in to the sonic aspects of confronting subjection, refusal of the status quo and revolts in all volumes. Through listening and answering to musical approaches to the political, we'll ask how different expressions of struggle might be aligned or in dissonance.
The evening is tracing different sonic strategies across a history of (mostly) North Atlantic music. Celebrating songs that aim at empowering, collective analysing, voicing brokenness, breaking and mobilizing. In the breaks here is the space and time that will be shared and dedicated to discussing and adding to the sounds of sorrow, rage, courage and joy.

*the title is borrowed from Fred Moten's In the Break (2003)

Janine Jembere is working in different constellations on performances, educational projects, videos and sound. Her PhD project is revolving around sensual hierarchies and the concept of dissonance as a tool to think and live in difference from a sonic perspective.