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Illiberal Democracy and its Effects on Art, Culture, Media, and Science in Hungary (and Austria) - an Informational Evening

Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaften
Ort, Treffpunkt (1)
Ort, Adresse (1)
Augasse 2–6
Ort, PLZ und/oder Ort (1)
1090 Wien
Ort, Raum (1)
H 4.37

Participants: Petra Bakos, essayist and researcher (Budapest), Zsuzsi Flohr, artist and researcher (Vienna/Budapest), Judit Klein, journalist and cultural worker (Budapest); Moderation: Ruth Sonderegger, philosopher (Vienna)

After three short presentations on the current situation in the fields of art, culture, media, and science in Hungary, we will discuss as to whether the Austrian situation is different and what artists, cultural workers and researchers might want to learn from critical colleagues and peers in Hungary.

Petra Bakos is an editor, essayist, and translator, as well as a PhD candidate of comparative gender studies at the CEU Budapest. Her research interests include critical border studies, feminist theories of corporeality, South East European literature and arts (late-20th century and current), and, increasingly, transformative feminist pedagogies.

Zsuzsi Flohr is a visual artist living and working in Vienna. She is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Flohr’s artistic practice and research deal with the issues of the third generation after the Holocaust in terms of personal narratives and the relevance of art in the making of memory politics in both, familial, social, and political aspects. In 2017 Flohr presented her work at the 57th Venice Biennale, Research Pavilion. In 2018 she participated in the Past (Im)Perfect Continuous Conference, Sapienza University of Rome. Since 2018 Flohr is a member of the Memory Studies Association.

Judit Klein worked as a journalist and documentary filmmaker for the Hungarian public service radio and television until the end of 2011. During this time, she established different programs for Roma journalists at TV and Radio. 2015 she finished her PhD dealing with minority media in the socialist period in Hungary. She is now engaged in cultural programs in Budapest.

The evening is realized with the kind support of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.