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Olia Sosnovskaya | burn, on fire, alight, inflamed, glow, ablaze, fervent, go up in smoke

Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaften
Ort, Treffpunkt (1)
Ort, Adresse (1)
Augasse 2–6
Ort, PLZ und/oder Ort (1)
1090 Wien
Ort, Raum (1)

The PhD in Practice welcomes you to one of their Fantastic Wednesday events where one of the candidates presents part of their artistic research to an open audience. Join us for screenings, performances, discussions, and an open bar.

The work is part of the on-going research of the socialist and post-socialist celebrations, festivals and rituals, addressing the intertwining of the sublime, affect, ideology and power, incorporated into the spectacle and celebration. Superimposing various texts, historical narratives and media representations, it tackles the relationship between the festive and the political, between the material experience, knowledge and language.

Olia Sosnovskaya is an artist, researcher and writer. She engages in text, performative and visual practices, intertwining the notions of festivity, collectivity, affect, score and the political within the post-socialist contexts and beyond. Сo-founder of the Work Hard! Play Hard! collective platform.