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Zoom Fantastic Wednesday – Virginie Bobin | Qalqalah قلقلة: plus d'une langue (a detour)

Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaften

With a few accomplices (a much loved book, a fetish quote, a song ...), Virginie Bobin revisits the curatorial and artistic methodologies at play in the exhibition "Qalqalah قلقلة: plus d'une langue" [Qalqalah قلقلة: More Than One Language], which she co-curated with Victorine Grataloup for CRAG in Sète, France this year. Built around lasting companionships and a close attention to listening as a critical and affective practice, the exhibition hosted a choir of often-collaborative works, where native, secondary, adoptive, migrant, lost, imposed, common, minor, secret or contaminated languages resonated. Beyond a linguistic approach, operations of translation, transliteration, rewriting, archiving, publication, montage, even casting and karaoke, appear as attempts to establish a trembling space in which plural stories and heterogeneous accounts can cohabit. As such, the exhibition offered a possible materialization of, a research and publishing platform co-founded by Bobin and Grataloup in 2018 to cultivate attachments, share ressources and rehearse political tools.

With guests: Serena Lee and Vir Andres Hera

Virginie Bobin works at the crossroads between research, curatorial and editorial practices, pedagogy and translation.

Vir Andres Hera is an artist and PhD candidate the University of Quebec in Montreal. His research focuses on the coexistence of different languages within mythological stories.

Serena Lee's practice stems from a fascination with polyphony and its radical potential. She works across disciplines, collaboratively and aleatorically.

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