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Selfeducation and Selfinstitution

Künstlerisches Lehramt
3. Stock | Hörsaal
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Karl-Schweighofergasse 3
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1070 Wien

Gastvortrag von Jakob Jakobsen | Künstler | Copenhagen

“I would like to tell about my concrete experiences with selforganising and selfinstitutionalisation within art, education and activism - and discuss the changing meaning of the terms that has devoloped since the optismism of the anticapitalist movement in the 1990s. I invite to a discussion of which questions it raises to work with self-organisation and selv-institution today in the shadow of the war on terror and neoliberal normalisation.”

Jakob Jakobsen is a visual artist, organiser and activist based in
Copenhagen.  Co-founder of the Copenhagen Free University (2001-2007), tv-tv (2004- ), Young Artworkers (UKK) (2002- ) and Info Centre (1998-1999).

Lecture held in English. Discussion in English and German. Open to public.

Organised by the Department for Post-conceptual art practices and
the Faculty for Art Education at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.