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The Blast of the Possible

Künstlerisches Lehramt
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Autonomie, Migration Reterritorialisierung, Eigentum und die Grenzen des Politischen
Vortrag von Angela Melitopoulos | Künstlerin, Kulturwissenschaftlerin
Organisiert vom Ordinariat für Kunst und Kommunikation im Rahmen des DissertantInnen Seminars (Prof. Marion von Osten)

The Blast of the Possible looks on the role of property in Cyprus after the failure of the Annan Plan in 2004 that triggered a real estate boom on the island. Today a new road map for reunification is discussed. This research focuses on the reasons of the boom, the role of migration in Cyprus and the significance of archives and property, in the discussion of this political conflict.The project contains case studies on property claims that display different political forms of belonging and property rights. Property is discussed with an emphasis on what the imaginary quality means within such a political conflict at the borders of Europe.The Blast of the Possible proposes a practise-led media project based on internet platforms and shared
video archives.

Angela Melitopoulos, artist in the time-based arts, realized experimental single-channel tapes, video installations, video-essays, documentaries and sound pieces. Her work focuses on migration/mobility, memory and narration. She conceives media art projects in that video technology as a time-based medium revealing mnemonic and micro political processes in documentation. Angela Melitopoulos studied fine Arts with Nam June Paik. She is
collaborating in political networks in Europe and Turkey and teaches in academic institutions and art centers. Currently she is a Phd student at the Goldsmiths College in London and a research fellow at the Matrix East Lab in the University of East London.