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How life is going to shape our lives

Künstlerisches Lehramt
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Lecture by Mijo Miquel, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Fine Arts).

Mijo Miquel will give a lecture on urbanism and activism in Valencia. The conflict between indoctrination, academic freedom and personal convictions on the question of knowledge implies a questioning of what our teaching contents should be. At the crossroads between teaching, activism, and life, we can use academia as a platform to get out of academia and into the world. The university should reverse the accumulation of inert knowledge maintained by the hegemonic and patriarchal vision of what it means to be an expert, in order to learn to build new ways of living together. The academic alibi can serve to grant students the space and time to do so in common, the space and time that have been stolen from us in this corporal discipline, to considering that life happens and to do so in a collective way.

CV: Mijo Miquel is a translator, independent cultural manager and professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Fine Arts) since 2003. Degree in Modern Languages as well as in Fine Arts. PHD in Public Art (2013). Since 2000, she has been involved in different resistance collectives linked to city speculation, as well as in the organization of meetings and conferences related to the creation of critical sphere. She collaborates with the CSIC being part of the Social and
Human Sciences Center. As a researcher, her activity focuses on the city as a privileged space for social innovation as well as the development of participation and governance protocols involving the redefinition of "urban quality" criteria.