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Entre o Azul e o que não me deixam esquecer

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Exhibition by Juliana dos Santos

The exhibition Entre o Azul e o que não me deixam esquecer corresponds to the continuity of research that Juliana dos Santos has been doing reflecting to the processes of racialization and colonialities of power experienced by the artist during her stay in Vienna. This exhibition will be a work in progress during the three days of the exhibition.

Juliana dos Santos is a Brazilian artist working with different media and different contexts. She is Artist in Residence at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna from October 2017 to January 2018 and  included in the Contextual Painting Department of Ashley Hans Scheirl. Of great interest for the cooperation with the Department of Contextual Painting is their work in public and semi-public spaces. Her graffiti drawings and performative interventions, combined with contextual painting, (video) installations and music deal with discourses around gender, sexuality, religion, race and class as well as anti-colonial topics, especially the BPoC diaspora and their agent_innentum in Brazil. In her work, Juliana dos Santos refers in particular to urban public space and how intersectional everyday utopias manifest themselves there.

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