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Künstlerisches Lehramt
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Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 3
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1070 Wien
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Performance/Installation/Dyscussion by Simon Bauer
Institut für das künstlerische Lehramt, Kunst und Bildung

Simon Bauer initiates a diametric discussion with an acoustic performance/installation that makes current birth and death figures audible in metric counts. The visuals consisting of plastic materials familiar from our daily life based on capitalist consumption add yet another metaphoric layer to the project.

A dyscussion about pros and cons and the inevitablity of that.

A dyscussion about the benefits of plastic in the food and packaging industry. 

Dys function,

Dys tance,

Dys like,

Dys missed,

Dys belief,

Dys jointed,

Dys position,               

of plastic are in dialogue:

Performative writing meets audio-visuals.

The project was initiated at the course Transmediale Explorationen led by Joonas Lahtinen.