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Bildende Kunst
Gänge und verschiedene offene Räume im gesamten Schillerplatzgebäude

Performance of the Contextual Painting Studio.

The materialization of our concept consists of an immersive installation which includes a performance and a posterior scenery-installation. The protagonists are a drag king (Lia Quirina) Glorb the Clown (Carla García) and the Alien Wurm (Lia Quirina). Our performative approach is very playful and is also meant to involve the audience. The performance will start in the installation, move through the Academy building and finally end back in the Studio (30 min exhibition space, 60 min around the academy and then 30 min back in the exhibition space). We want to break the physical boundaries of the exhibition space and connect it to the everyday life of the Rundgang. We invite the audience to follow us and experience performative interventions in other places of the Academy.

In the performance, a drag king (Lia Quirina) and Glorb the clown (Carla García) meet. Lovingly and caringly they get closer until Glorb helps the Drag King transform into the Alien Wurm.

During this meeting that we have called Playtime, our characters will interact with everyone that surrounds them and involve the audience in games related to the physicalization and theatricalization of queer gender rituals and practices. Our aim is to involve everyone in our obsession and merge two different worlds into one.