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2nd Online Coffee Table Talk

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Coffee Table Talk

Coffee Table Talks is a new peer-to-peer event-series happening once per month during the semester.

C̲o̲f̲f̲e̲e̲ ̲T̲a̲b̲l̲e̲ ̲T̲a̲l̲k̲s̲

Designed as a forum of exchange for doctoral and PhD researchers, Coffee Table Talks offer short input sessions with the opportunity for discussions and questions afterwards. The event format is based on the principle of peer-to-peer discussion and exchange. Coffee Table Talks follow a specific theme or topic. These topics range from how to prepare a successful grant application, how to organize a stay abroad, up to career trajectories after the doctoral degree.


23 rd June, 2pm – 3pm
How to improve your academic English

This session serves to exchange best practices and advice on how to improve your academic English. In conversation with participants, the Coordinator of the Center for Doctoral Studies will introduce helpful literature, online tools, as well as tips and tricks to improve your academic writing skills in English. Participants can add their own suggestions and tips, so that a peer-to-peer exchange happens.

Please register for the Coffee Table Talk sending your current enrollment registration via If you have a helpful literature tip or other advice you would like to introduce in the Coffee Table Talk, please shortly suggest it in your registration email.