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Superblock - Free Spaces and Voids in Social Housing Blocks of the Red Vienna

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Kurzbauergasse 9
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1020 Wien

Vortrag von Michael Zinganel organisiert vom Fachbereich Textuelle Bildhauerei.

Michael Zinganel will speak about the planning history and mythology of the ambitious housing program of the so-called “Red Vienna” (1919-1934): Integrating service and community facilities such as laundry facilities, kindergartens, health and education facilities, clubs, and even cinemas – all structurally located at prominent areas in the accumulation of the so-called “superblocks” – and the entire housing developments’ significant representative function to the outside world not only aimed at developing and strengthening the tenant community and establishing the cultural confidence of a “new class,” but were also subtle control instruments in public spaces where, instead of promoting autonomous organization, professional institutions of the City of Vienna dominated with specific organizational measures.