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Bildende Kunst
Red Carpet Showroom, Karlsplatz

This episode of the performance series will be broadcast via facebook and feature Alexandru Cosarca, student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Studio for Contextual Painting, to go through an unique interview process and have his behind eternalised in gold.

This episode is produced with friendly support of Bildrecht and RCS Showrooms.
The Streaming-Link will be announced soon at

Vain Casting Live is an interactive performance and film project that deals with the distorted mechanisms of self perception influenced by the development of modern social and mass media. This happens as part of a performance whose content is the moulding of an ass and plays with a sometimes fictional and sometimes real guest. The performance takes place again and again in new locations and is recorded live, the guest interviewed during the casting process, the resulting material is then cut and finally broadcasted as TV Talk Show format on different channels. The first goal is to create 3 pilot episodes. Behind the project stands a group of artists and filmmakers as well as other supporters who come and go because of the changing locations and different guests during the project.