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Technologie und Interpretation - Reflexionen über den künstlerischen Prozess

Konservierung - Restaurierung
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Interim meeting der ICOM-CC Arbeitsgruppe Art Technological Source Research

The primary aim of the ATSR Working Group is to establish a focus for historical documentary source research and reconstructions on art materials and techniques. Documentary source research is often an essential component of conservation research, or art historical research. Reconstructions, a natural follow-on from the collection of information on materials and their use, can form an invaluable tool.

After three successful meetings in Amsterdam (2004), Madrid (2006) and Glasgow (2008), the ICOM-CC working group Art Technological Source Research is organising its fourth international interim meeting, which will be hosted by the Institute for Conservation - Restoration of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

Recipe books, treatises and manuals on artists' materials, tools and methods are of fundamental importance for an understanding of how art objects were made. Historically accurate reconstructions on the basis of these sources provide insight into the original appearance of an object, as well as workshop practices, and provide models for understanding material degradation. The interpretation of artists' intent rests on this kind of basic knowledge.

The focus of this meeting will be to reflect on the artistic process as manifested in the artwork itself and as documented in visual and written sources. The aim is to open a forum for discussion of ongoing technological research interpreting art from all disciplines and periods and exploring artists' practice as recorded in treatises, manuals, artist's correspondence, journals and also images such as photographs, films or prints.

The official language of the interim meeting will be English.

See attached pdf documents for registration and programme .

For further information, please contact:

Sigrid Eyb-Green ( or Stefanos Kroustallis (