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Post City – Habitats for the 21st Century | Ars Electronica

Organisational Units
Art and Architecture
Location Description
Ars Electronica Center, Post City

Opening hours: Thur - Sun 10 am - 8 pm, Mon 10 am - 6 pm (7 pm)

The bachelor design studios Analogue Digital Production and Geography Landscapes Cities of the Institute for Art and Architecture were invited to present selected student´s work at the Ars Electronica Festival Post City.

BABYLON 3 | The Reconstruction of the Future
“… A world without frontiers, a world of freedom, without weapons, where each may travel without let or hindrance from the steppes of Central Asia to the Atlantic Coast, from the high plateau of South Africa to the forests of Finland“. With this quote by Vaida Vovoid, the president of the Romany people, Constant set in 1974 the tone for NEW BABYLON, a city of the future that would span the globe as a network 20 meters above the surface of the Earth, in which all land would be collective property, all work would be done by machines, and people could devote themselves to creative games.
In summer 2015, dissatisfied with the current state of urban planning, students at the IKA - the institute for Art and Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna took on the challenges set by Constant´s NEW BABYLON to formulate in models, texts and drawings their vision of a different city of the future.

Babylon 3, a studio run by Wolfgang Tschapeller, Werner Skvara und Eva Sommeregger. The final model will be presented at the exhibition 1,001 Models in the POST CITY exhibition hall.

Students: Marija Dambe | Aleksandra Dobicka | Clara Fickl | Elisabeth Fölsche | Burak Genc | Christopher Gruber | Sophie Hartmann | Simon Hirtz | Jakob Jakubowski | Simon Lesina-Debiasi | Madeleine Malle | Brina Meze Petric | Stepan Nesterenko | Urban Niedermayr | Aysen Sulmaz

1,001 Models | Tausendundein Modell

European Network of Digital Art and Science (EU)
POST CITY, Fashion District

Vienna 3000
© Cenk Güzelis

VIENNA 3000 | Can you see the Superfuture?
Vienna 3000 was a 3rd year architectural design studio run by Hannes Mayer and Daniela Herold at the Institute of Art and Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Dissatisfied with the reality of architecture as well as urban planning the studio was driven by the ambition to explore the radical uncertainty of the far future. Students were invited to develop individual trajectories into the unknown and encouraged to develop design projects that embody the potential to question our beliefs and standards of today. Funded entirely by the City of Vienna the studio placed great emphasis on planning scenarios for the Austrian capital.
Michael Glechner: Enlightened being | Anna Krumpholz: Land of Honey | Sasha Konovalov: Memento | Marlene Lübke Ahrens: Movements | Cenk Güzelis: Queer City | Helvijs Savickis: Time capsule | Clemens Aniser/Wolfgang Novotny: Urban stimulus | Matea Ban: Welfare State