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Curriculum Development

To provide support in the development of the respective curricula, the Department of Quality Development offers focus-group discussions with professional experts and/or graduates. The guideline for these discussions is developed together with the Curricula Commission, which ensures that the issues discussed are really tailored towards the interests of those involved. The primary objective is to analyze a curriculum with regard to its targets, strengths and weaknesses, and to identify any potential areas of improvement. Thus, we aim to obtain information on those aspects of the curriculum which have proved good, and on those which, according to the experts/graduates involved in the discussion, would need to be changed with regard to their structure or content. In the case of newly planned branches of studies, focus-group discussions with professional experts who have practical experience will be particularly helpful.

This measure is an offer to the Curricula Commissions of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and is carried out on demand.

Current Project

  • Abteilung Qualitätsentwicklung (Astrid Fingerlos, Veronika Litschel) (2022): Curricularentwicklung Bühnengestaltung / Szenografie. Feedback und Input aus den Expert_innen-Interviews. Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien. (German only)

Completed Project

  • Abteilung Qualitätsmanagement (Astrid Fingerlos) / Sabine Schwenk (2014): Absolvent_innen-Diskussion im Rahmen der Curricularentwicklung am Institut für das künstlerische Lehramt - IKL. Ergebnisdokumentation. Endbericht. Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien. (German only)