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Art and Intervention | Environment

The focus of this specialized field lies on three-dimensional space and is located in the realm of sculpture. In practice, the key terms “installation” and “intervention” summarize the long title of the study area. The students of the studio for Art and Intervention | Environment (prev. Expanded Pictorial Space-Action/Sculpture/Installation in public space) are supported in intensive and passionate engagement with sculpture, object and installation, but also by means of performance, video, photography, text or image in finding and deepening an independent form of artistic expression. The complex processes from ideation to presentation are tried out in individual works and projects in the classic art context, but also in site-specific interventions and installations in public space.

Tendencies towards constriction, demarcation and conformity call for comprehensive thinking and perception processes. Experimentation is the program – unconventional results are welcome! Socio-cultural issues and contexts are thereby just as important as sensitization when dealing with material and presentation.

Pleasure and curiosity in mutual experiment, in setting out together for new terrains, as well as in in-depth individual work are central and can best be described in the words of Gilles Deleuze/Claire Parnet:

“But what is good in a gang, in principle, is that each goes about their own business while encountering others, each brings their own loot and a becoming is sketched out – a bloc starts moving – which no longer belongs to anyone, but is ‘between’ everyone…”

(Dialogues by Gilles Deleuze/Claire Parnet, translated by Hugh Tomlinson and Barbara Habberjam, New York: Columbia University Press, 1987, p. 9. The original quote is in the generic masculine form.)

Four people swimming in a mountain lake with an object that looks like a large white flexible scaffold
THE GRID , Performative Intervention, Hallstatt 2021
© Theo Bartenberger