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For the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, it is a major concern to firmly anchor, and keep alive, the idea of university and quality development in all its areas of activity. The Academy sees itself as a learning and innovative organization. That means that its operational and organizational structures are informed by self-reflection, openness to criticism, and readiness to change.

In evaluations and other quality development tools, mainly open-ended, qualitative, and processual formats are used. Participation and self-definition are important cornerstones of quality development at the Academy. What is relevant is the knowledge and experience of those working in the respective context. Joint exchange and reflection on objectives are as important as are joint discussions of results and concretization of objectives through measures taken, processes established, and adequate action.

The Quality Development Department sees its mission in structurally supporting and promoting these processes. The department seeks to live an attitude and a practice based on mutual trust, cooperative working methods, and low-threshold access to information.

Tasks and Fields of Activity

1.    Quality development

  • Implementation and development of the internal Quality Management system especially geared towards the requirements of an art university
  • Design and implementation of measures for quality assurance and quality development
  • Design and implementation of evaluations and monitoring tools
  • Information, guidance and support in the field of quality development

2.   Art and research documentation

3.   Writing of the Intellectual Capital Report (Wissensbilanz)

Quality Development

Schillerplatz 3, M1d, M1c
1010 Vienna

Mag. Astrid Fingerlos, MAS
P +43 (0)1 58816-2500
F +43 (0)1 58816-1099


Jessica Angioni, MA
T +43 (0)1 58816-2511

Alberto Buela, MA
T +43 (0)1 58816-2510