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Metalworking Workshop

In the course of the elective compulsory subject Basics of Sculpting / Metal 1 , an entire semester is devoted to providing students with a profound fundamental knowledge of metalworking. The course serves as introduction to independent workshop use, focusing on safety and skilled working processes. We recommend students to take this introductory course especially at the beginning of a degree course so that they can use the Workshop during their entire studies. However, students who can prove their familiarity with metalworking are permitted to use the workshop immediately.

View into the metalworking workshop
Photo © Matthias Hammer

The spectrum of metalworking skills imparted ranges from operating simple hand tools such as drills, disc grinders and stroke saws to welding, soldering, lathing, milling and edging of metals. Metal founding techniques are discussed and students produce a variety of contemporary artistic works using metal; the production process is explained in detail. For this purpose, students are provided with the usual metalworking hand tools as well as box column drills, cold saws, various work benches, a VIG(TIG) welder, MIG/MAG and dual-electrode welding machines, an oxyacetylene blowpipe, metal milling devices and a lathe.

View into the metalworking workshop
Photo © Matthias Hammer
Mag. Matthias Hammer
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