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Guest professorship

Gender und Space

Doireann O’Malley’s trans-disciplinary practice unites collaborative methodologies, healing and reparative movement, writing, and theory with a strong technological emphasis on new media, VR and film. The program unites the different methodological approaches in my practice and aims to create a non-hierarchical space of exchange for students to explore the intersection of gender, trans* and queer topics with a critique of the institutional, social, and political dominance of cis/het infrastructures. Focusing on an exploration of gender through somatic practices - the program will incorporate somatic practices such as mindfulness, movement, shamanic journeying and other methods to explore our relationship to gender in our bodies and in our psychospaces. We will explore and unpack theoretical concepts of visibility, the gaze, objectification, subjectification, trans* semiotics, queer poetics, nonbinary epistomology. I am interested in how nonbinary epistomology is destabilizing of the subject/object discourse and infrastructure in Western metaphysics and dualistic structures. We will explore how nonbinary forms of expression and experience play a part in re-structuring social space and democratic forms of living.

2-part screen, one with a man in a garden, another with three young women on blue armchairs. In front of it people are sitting in the dark.
Prototype II, The Institute, 2018, Installation view, GIBCA2019, Photo © Hendrik Zeitler