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For international doctoral/Ph.D. candidates

    These FAQs concerning admission/inscription are especially for incoming doctoral/Ph.D. candidates with an international degree (Diploma or Master).

    I hold a degree from a foreign university. Can I enroll in a doctoral program at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna?

      To receive an answer to this question, you will first have to decide on a specific doctoral program. The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers four doctoral programs (Dr. phil., Dr. techn., Dr. rer. nat., Ph.D.-in-practice). The respective curricula specify the respective admission criteria. In summary, admission to each doctoral program at the Academy of Fine Arts is based on a subject-specific Diploma, Magister, or Master's degree. In addition, the admission of graduates from similar studies at approved Austrian or international institutions of post-secondary education is possible. This also applies to graduates of Diploma or Master Studies at a University of Applied Science (Fachhochschule). Such graduates may have to take additional exams before admission. For further information, please study the respective Curricula before consulting the Registrar's Office for further details.

        I come from the state XY and need some information on residence permits and visas in Austria.

          The following page will provide you with information on how to obtain a residence permit and visa. Please click here.

            What is an apostille?

              You will find detailed information on the apostille, certifications, and translation of international documents here.

                Can I have my study certificates checked for equivalence in advance?

                  Yes, please send a scan of your documents via email to our Registrar's Office and let us know which of the doctoral programs you are interested in. We shall also require a translation if the documents were not issued in German or English.

                  Please note that the examination of the equivalence of international qualifications takes at least two months of processing time, and plan accordingly.

                    How much face time do I have to spend at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna when I am doing my doctoral studies here? Do I have to attend regularly?

                      This question has to be answered differently for each doctoral program. In the Dr. phil., the Ph.D.-in-practice and the Dr. techn. programs, you will have to attend certain lectures personally, see your supervisors and handle administrative matters, but you will not need to be present all of the time. How much actual face time you are expected to spend at the Academy is a matter you will have to discuss with your supervisor(s). In most cases, doctoral candidates find it possible to work at least part-time alongside their doctoral studies.
                      This is, however, different for the doctoral program in natural science: doctoral candidates there are required to be present at all times for the simple reason that, among other things, they will have to help carry out investigations, analyses, and experiments at the laboratories. Doctoral candidates enrolled in the natural-scientific program are either employed with the aid of third-party funds or expected to ensure that they have sufficient financial means at their disposal as they will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to work alongside their studies.

                      Please also read the FAQs Beginning of the Doctorate. Here you will find information on questions concerning enrollment, supervision, and course of study.