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Under the umbrella term Exhibit, the exhibition area of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is concerned with enabling teachers, students and alumni_ae to engage in diverse practices of exhibiting, as well as to reflect on exhibitions as a medium. With the program of its three exhibition spaces, the exhibition area of the Academy strives to operate at the interface of academic teaching and exhibition practice. At the same time, it presents the Academy’s contemporary production of knowledge and art to the general public.

Exhibit Gallery

In addition to the diploma presentations, the Exhibit Gallery at Schillerplatz hosts exhibition projects that refer to topics discussed at the academy and thereby take up current trends in contemporary art. Attention is paid to the fact that the projects develop out of the teaching activities of the institutes and departments or are designed as epoch-spanning collaborations between the art collections of the Academy and its contemporary art production. The focus is on positioning students and their works in a contemporary art context and on giving graduates the opportunity to collect experience in exhibiting.

Exhibit Eschenbachgasse

Exhibit Eschenbachgasse offers teachers and researchers at the Academy the opportunity to use the exhibition space for their projects for a maximum of three weeks. The space thus sees itself as a field of experimentation for an expanded teaching and research practice and brings exhibition making into view as a special artistic field of action. Exhibit Eschenbachgasse is also used for collaborative projects.

Exhibit Studio

Exhibit Studio at Schillerplatz is the exhibition space for students of the Academy. For one academic year at a time, the space is programmed and coordinated by alternating student employees. It offers students the opportunity to exchange ideas across their specific studios, to test various exhibition formats and to gain initial experience in curating and organizing exhibitions.

Exhibition Committee

Mirela Baciak
Claudia Bauer
Alexander Czernin
Stephanie Damianitsch
Ingeborg Erhart
Doris Guth
Fanny Hauser
Sophie Lingg
Andrea Salzmann
Lisa Schmidt-Colinet

Upcoming events

  • On Painting: Show and Hide

    Florian Schmidt

    On Painting is a talk series initiated by the abstract painting studio in 2013. Students, alumni, faculty and guests meet to discuss contemporary painting exclusively through the means of original works.

    Talk series

    Exhibit Eschenbachgasse

    Exhibit Eschenbachgasse

    An abstract painting with a relif-like structure homgenously painted in petrol.
  • How thick is the layer of butter on your bread?

    Notes on class and capital

    With works by: Kristina Kusmina Dreit, Jackie Grassmann, Ferhat İlhan, Hanne Jannasch & Isabell Alexandra Meldner, Seung Yeon Jung, Irene Landa, Rogine Moradi, Rebecca Rothenborg, Anne Schmidt, Olga Shapovalova



    Exhibit Studio

  • Speculative Fiction

    With works by: Veronika Eberhart, Katrin Euller, Barbara Kapusta, Pille-Riin Jaik, Flavia Mazzanti, Ursula Mayer, Marlies Pöschl, Stefanie Schwarzwimmer, Paula Strunden, Kay Walkowiak



    Exhibit Gallery

    A still of the film showing an abstract form of lines.