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Application and Admission Examinations

1. Do you have an age limit for admission to study at the Academy?

There is no age limit for admission to study.

2. Is it possible to study without a school leaving examination?

For admission to the study programs Architecture and Education in the Arts an Austrian school leaving examination, an equivalent qualification, such as a German university entrance qualification (Abitur) or a university entrance exam for the respective study program are required.

For all other study programs no school leaving examination is required, it is required to pass the admission examination in the respective program.

3. I don’t have my school leaving examination yet. Am I allowed to apply?

Yes. If a school leaving examination is required for admission to the study program, you may submit the certificate at the first enrolment after successfully passing the admission examination.

4. Do I have to pass an admission exam?

For the following study programs at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna it is required to pass successfully an admission exam:


Fine Arts


Conservation and Restoration  (not available in English)

Education in the Arts  (not available in English)

Master in Critical Studies

PhD in Practice.

For Education in the Arts a proof of pedagogic suitability is required additionally.

For application to all study programs an online-registration is required. For more information about portfolio, deadlines etc. please click on the relevant study program.

Please note that for Doctoral studies of Philosophy, Technical Sciences and Science no online-registration and no admission exam are required. The admission for these study programs takes place at the Registrar’s Office during the general admission period .

5. With which certificates do I prove my language proficiency?

The required level as well as the time of verification varies depending on the relevant study program. The Academy accepts in general officially recognised language certificates and school leaving examinations. Further details on accepted certificates are available on our website.

6. I study art at another university. Do I still have to pass the admission exam?

For admission to study at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna it is required to pass the admission exam for the relevant study program, regardless whether you study at another university or finished another study program. After admission to study it is possible to apply for recognition of exams you passed at other universities.

7. Which are the criteria for the portfolio?

The different criteria for the respective study program are available within the information on the admission exams on our website.

Portfolio feedback is offered for the study programs Education in the Arts and Architecture.

8. Is it possible to submit the portfolio by mail?

Admission exams are held partly digitally. Please keep updated with the current information on the specific admission exam of the different study programs. Portfolios received too late will not be considered without exception.

9. Can I do the admission exam in English?

For the Fine Arts program and the Scenography program it is possible to do the admission exam in English.

Please read carefully the information on the admission exams for the different programs on our website.

10. Do I need a second subject for the Education in the Arts program?

Yes, without exception. Study programs for teacher training include two teaching subjects. Students may study both subjects at the Academy, or study the second subject at another university.

11. Do I have to submit two portfolios, if I apply for both subjects in the Education in the Arts program?

No, but the portfolio should contain works for both subjects „Design in Context“ and „Arts and Education”.

12. Can I do the admission exam at a different date?

No, this is not possible.

13. Where do I get a confirmation of admission at the Academy of Fine Arts?

The Registrar’s Office (study administration office) issues the confirmation. After passing successfully the admission exam, please contact the Registrar’s Office by email and submit a scan of your passport and your registration number of the exam to the following address: