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Accessible academy

Working group for barrier-free working and studying (AG bAS)

Purpose of the working group according to the University statutes

The networking and bundling of concerns, experiences, skills and ideas that relate to the following equality goals:

  1. the removal of barriers in the area of study and working conditions
  2. the improvement of career opportunities and the active promotion of people with disabilities in the arts and sciences and non-scientific staff
  3. the examination of the question of the normativity of (non-) disability in artistic and scientific activity in Research and Teaching.

Tasks of the working group

  1. Evaluation of operational measures to create working and study conditions that are as barrier-free as possible
  2. Development of recommendations and (projects) ideas for implementing the goals mentioned in point 3, e.g. guidelines for a as barrier-free as possible Design of events, recommendations for the preparation of teaching materials or e-accessibility, suggestions for infrastructural Purchases, for example the installation of barrier-free media production stations, tactile guidance systems, regeneration rooms, inductive hearing systems etc.
  3. Development of recommendations for internal training and awareness-raising and reflective measures in the area participation and inclusion
  4. Development of structural measures to open the academy to students with disabilities, e.g. by establishing Information formats that show paths to studying at the academy for prospective students with disabilities
  5. Publication of an annual activity report