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Academy report on study conditions

The academy is committed to offer all students inclusive and equal-opportunity learning and teaching and provide them with the best possible support and guidance. One major objective is to recognize and enhance the diversity of the students and to create a positive study atmosphere for all.

A periodically survey is conducted to analyze the study conditions with all its benefits and hurdles for a successful study course and to develop further measures. The focus is on the opinions, suggestions and concerns of the students.

A set of questions is integrated within the questionnaires for the course feedback. The questions cover the following topics:

  • Quality and accessibility of information on studies
  • Workload in courses
  • Inclusive, gender-sensitive, non-discriminatory didactics as well as didactics in general

In addition, two open formulated questions addressing the experience of students and their suggestions for improvement are included.

The results will be analyzed every two years, after one course feedback cycle is completed. The first report on study conditions will be published in spring 2023. Since the report is compiled every two years, comparisons with previous years and further developments can be seen.