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About us

The University Library is a bridge thrown between the Academy and the general public. It is a place of information, work, and communication for researchers, students, teachers, and everybody interested in art and science, covering a range of varied tasks, including, among others: the establishment, operation, and development of analog and digital infrastructures and services for the advancement of education, science, art, and culture in close cooperation with national and international archival, library, information, and museum institutions as well as other interest groups; the support of teaching, research, study, and administration as well as the Academy’s art collections; the collection, storage, indexing, and, wherever possible, barrier-free provision and communication of analog and digital data, information, and cultural heritage; the provision of literature to faculty, staff and students as well as the interested public; the conveyance of information, digital and publishing literacy, as well as the establishment of a platform for the purpose of knowledge transfer and education on art and culture.

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