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About us

The University Archives of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts is responsible for the preservation and indexing of historical holdings, for the documentation of the current activities of the Academy of Fine Arts and for making available archival holdings for administrative purposes, scientific research and teaching.

The University Archives of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts have always had an administrative function, serving to this day as a repository for student lists, administrative files, the minutes of collegium meetings and other documents dating back to the beginnings of the academy.

The main holdings of the University Archives, the administrative archives and the student files, extend almost all the way back to 1726. Special holdings such as statutes, old inventories, construction documents and the like offer further insight into the history of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

Today, the Archives also collect material documenting the artistic and scientific activities of the various institutes of the Academy as well as those of the Academy as a whole (exhibition and administrative documents).

The University Archives primarily contain administrative documents. Artistic and pictorial works are preserved in the collections affiliated with the academy - the Paintings Gallery and the Graphic Collection.