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The Institute for Fine Arts is a center of artistic education, practice, and research. It aims to provide students with comprehensive yet precisely targeted artistic competence, including technique and content. For the past ten years, the institute has consistently expanded on the classic disciplines of painting and sculpture, to include fields such as contemporary media, photography, film, video, performance, and conceptual art. These developments provide today’s students with 18 studios of artistic education. By expanding our workshops and enhancing autonomous teaching by non-professorial staff, we have been able to establish a wide and distinctive scope of artistic development.

A close link to the Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies supports us by the direct combination of theoretical and practice-related teaching content. In its current configuration, the Institute for Fine Arts offers a combination of individual and group artistic instruction, workshops, and laboratories with different foci, as well as a large variety of courses in practice and/or theory, many of which are interdisciplinary in nature.

As a part of the curriculum, artists rooted in international discourse manage the Studios (central artistic subjects), and counsel and accompany students in their courses. Together, they develop projects visible beyond the scope of the Academy. Apart from teaching, the Academy has been increasingly focused on the field of artistic research—research that, in turn, enhances the number and quality of courses offered.

Sufficient room and space, separate workplaces, and state-of-the-art professional equipment support our students in their individual development and prepare them for independent work after their studies. The Institute’s international orientation is shown not only by its selection of lecturers, but also by the large number of international students in attendance and the constant presence of its graduates in a very comprehensive artistic context.

Upcoming Events

  • Festival of Vocabularies Life: Smashing Wor(l)ds: Cultural Practices for Re/imagining & Un/learning Vocabularies

    This festival is the outcome of collaboration between “Smashing Wor(l)ds: Cultural Practices for re/Imagining & un/Learning Vocabularies” of kulturen in bewegung (Main coordination of the project); Stiftung Inna Przestrzeń [Other Space] (Poland); BOZAR - Centre for Fine Arts Brussels (Belgium); Associated Partners are: Africa Museum (Belgium), Afro Rainbow Austria [ARA], Queer Base, Vienna, Silent University Graz, and Students of the Post-Conceptual Art Practices Studio [PCAP] at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.


    Belvedere 21
    Arsenalstraße 1
    1030 Vienna

    Fine Arts

    Collage of different pictures with text
  • Queering the KHM

    In the course of a cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts, students and graduates of the Contextual Painting class under the direction of Ashley Hans Scheirl were invited to highlight the queer and intersectional diversity of the Kunsthistorisches Museum.


    Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
    1010 Vienna

    Fine Arts

    A photograph of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna with the green-yellow logo of the event series on top of it.

    A group exhibition of Francis Ruyter’s class for Figurative Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.


    Hilger NEXT Gallery
    Brotfabrik Wien
    Absberggasse 27
    1100 Vienna

    Fine Arts

    17 visitors discuss the works in the gallery. There are 8 paintings on the three walls and three pedestals in the room.
  • Teach Nature

    An exhibition in cooperation with the KUNSTHAUS WIEN. For the exhibition Teach Nature, students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna have explored the significance of nature for art production.


    Untere Weißgerberstraße 13
    Garage and inner court yard
    1030 Vienna

    Fine Arts

    Picture of a person wearing a panda mask with a pink background and a person with a fish mask with a blue background

    Installation by hezelschaaf (Collaboration of Cecilia Schaaf and Simon Hezel) on the KUNSTWAND in Wien Mitte The Mall. Winning project of a tender by Wien Mitte in cooperation with Univ.-Prof. Daniel Richter and the Studio for Expanded Pictorial Space of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.


    Wien Mitte The Mall
    1. Ebene
    Landstraßer Hauptstraße 1b
    1030 Vienna

    Fine Arts

    Front view of the art wall with the artwork by hezelschaaf.