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Woodworking Workshop

The Woodworking Workshop is open to all Academy students who have enrolled in the elective compulsory subject Technical basics of sculpture - wood 1 . This course aims to provide students with an overview of the machines, techniques and basics of woodwork so as to enable them to work in the workshop on their own. Those who wish to extend their knowledge and improve their skills then have the option of attending Technical basics of sculpture - wood 2 , provided they have completed the basic course.

View from above into the workshop in the sculpture studios
Woodworking Workshop, Photo © Lisa Rastl

The focus lies on teaching students how to work with their hands and to handle (mobile) tools and stationary machines safely. Together, students plan and discuss projects, select materials and complete the respective project. The workshop is fully equipped with almost any tool students may require, i.e. all the usual machines. We have a sliding circular saw, a jointer, planer, chopsaw, box column drill, bench belt sander, edge grinder, lathe, and a fivefold combination with a shaper and slotting cutter. Furthermore, after obtaining permission students can use the varnishing room.

Students are recommended to take this course at the beginning of their degree course as they are then permitted to use all workshop facilities for the entire duration of their studies. However, students who can prove their familiarity with woodworking can use the workshop immediately.

BSc. Jan Aime Fräulin
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