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The central task of the Institute for Conservation – Restoration is the communication of knowledge and skills that enable students appropriately to preserve cultural property for the long term and raise general appreciation of its cultural significance. Such complex responsibility therefore requires the Institute to operate at the intersection of various scientific and artistic disciplines.

Students will become familiar with current theories and practices of conservation and restoration, and learn how to responsibly handle original works of art on any level. In practice-oriented study projects, students are taught approaches and strategies covering the entire range of conservation and restoration processes. This includes research on the respective work's historical and artistic significance, scientific analyses of the materials used, and the recognition, documentation, interpretation, and assessment of various types of damage.

Training in conservation and restoration is focused on drafting conservation concepts, their practical implementation, and the assessment of measures taken. Through practical experience, students will develop and improve their manual skills and gain competences that enable them to support and supervise collections and exhibitions, as well as carry out their respective monitoring activities.

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