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Academy Scholarships

List of entries

  • Advancement Scholarship

    for the advancement of scientific or artistic works, the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research offers financial support.

  • Merit Scholarship

    serves as recognition of outstanding achievements and relate to the study performance of the preceding academic year.

  • Work Scholarship

    Annual scholarship (October to September à € 650) provided through the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research to promote students who have completed their diploma project and have demonstrated high achievement.

  • Project Financing

    Serves to promote artistic, scientific and art-based research projects by students of all fields of study.

  • Social Stipend

    All regular students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna who have paid tuition fees in the preceding semester and didn't receive a refund from another institution are welcome to apply retrospectively for a social stipend in the following semester.

  • Second Year Scholarship

    The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna would like to support promising and motivated but socially disadvantaged students from third countries* as well as stateless persons, convention refugees and persons entitled to subsidiary protection and therefore provides a financial sum from the annual art auction for the 2nd Year Scholarship.

    The recotorate will decide annually on the allocation of grants.

  • Temporary Financial Aid

    The temporary financial aid serves those students who find themselves in an unforeseeable social situation of need which is not self-inflicted and where state subsidies are not available.

  • Student Assistance Fund

    The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna would like to offer financial assistance to socially disadvantaged students from third countries*, stateless persons, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and convention refugees and therefore provides a sum from the proceeds of the annual Auction.

    The support fund is allocated annually by the Rectorate.

  • Mental Health Fund 2022

    The funding amount of the Mental Health Fund 2022 is already used up completely. No further applications can be processed at the moment.

    Precarious situations, coping with crises, problems or conflicts, insecurities and fears, also with regard to shaping the future, can often lead to severe stress, which is why seeking professional help and support becomes absolutely necessary.