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Welcome to Vienna

As soon as you have arrived in Vienna, we would kindly ask you to come to the International Office! Together, we will prepare all the steps necessary for your registration.

Please make an appointment with the International Office by email prior to your stay.

Online pre-registration

This is your admission to the digital management system of the Academy (AkademieOnline)!StudentenVoranmeldung.html?p0PageNext=MaskCheckin

Please fill in the yellow framed boxes only and, for type of school, please choose “ Univ.-Reife gem. Kooperationsvertrag ” (university entrance qualification according to the cooperation agreement) in the dropdown menu.

Registration with the Registrar’s Office after your visit to the International Office:

  • Valid passport or personal ID
  • Two passport photographs in photoprint quality
  • Mobility notification/registration by the International Office

In Austria, all students must become members of the Austrian National Union of Students ( and are required to pay a membership fee of approximately EUR 20 per semester. This amount includes indemnity and accident insurance valid on the premises of the Academy. This fee must be paid via bank transfer.

Exchange students are exempt from paying tuition fees.

Student ID and registration for the courses:

After you have paid the Austrian National Union of Students membership fee by bank transfer, the Registrar’s Office will provide you with the following:

  • your student ID
  • a PIN code for accessing AkademieOnline so that you can register for courses.
  • an official e-mail address at the Academy. We strongly recommend linking it with your private e-mail address (link to the respective guide on AkademieOnline ).

Welcome Meeting for exchange students and course starts

For incoming exchange students, attendance of the Welcome Meeting is mandatory. It takes place in the week before the semester begins. You will receive a timely invitation by e-mail.

There, you will meet all our exchange students. The Exchange Companions (Academy students) and the International Office will provide you with essential information for your successful semester start and your life and studies in Vienna. Together with the International Office, the Exchange Companions will guide and accompany you through the semester with information, meetings, events, outings, sightseeing tours and the Jour Fixe.

Courses at the Academy usually start in the first week of the respective semester. It is mandatory for students to attend the first meeting of the Department of Fine Arts or the Kick-Off Meetings of the other study programmes.

Learning Agreement and certification of arrival

Should your sending institution require certification of your arrival, please contact the International Office. Please upload the “Learning Agreement during Mobility” to Mobility Online for processing by the International Office of the Academy.

Registration of residence in Vienna

Every person staying in Austria is obliged to register with a municipal district office within three days of arrival. This also applies to any change of residence.

EEA and Swiss citizens who have been living in Austria for more than three months (main or secondary residence) must apply for a confirmation of registration within four months of arrival. If they leave within the fourth month, this is, however, not necessary.

At the end of your stay, you are required to deregister your residence.

Ticket for public transport

Vienna has a very good public transport network. Most Viennese destinations can be reached within 30 minutes.

The semester ticket is issued by the Wiener Linien and costs approximately EUR 150.

The team of the International Office is looking forward to meeting you in person!